Submit your work to ParLearning’15

4th International Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Computing for Large Scale Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics


Scaling up machine-learning (ML), data mining (DM) and reasoning algorithms from Artificial Intelligence (AI) for massive datasets is a major technical challenge in the times of “Big Data”. The past ten years has seen the rise of multi-core and GPU based computing. In distributed computing, several frameworks such as Mahout, GraphLab and Spark continue to appear to facilitate scaling up ML/DM/AI algorithms using higher levels of abstraction. We invite novel works that advance the trio-fields of ML/DM/AI through development of scalable algorithms or computing frameworks. Ideal submissions would be characterized as scaling up X on Y, where potential choices for X and Y are provided below.

Scaling up

  • recommender systems
  • gradient descent algorithms
  • deep learning
  • sampling/sketching techniques
  • clustering (agglomerative techniques, graph clustering, clustering heterogeneous data)
  • classification (SVM and other classifiers)
  • SVD
  • probabilistic inference (bayesian networks)
  • logical reasoning
  • graph algorithms and graph mining


  • Parallel architectures/frameworks (OpenMP, OpenCL, Intel TBB)
  • Distributed systems/frameworks (GraphLab, Hadoop, MPI, Spark etc.)

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